Easily settle your debts with these money-transfer apps

While we don’t blame you for wanting to send Italian mobsters to your friends’ homes to get your money back, there exists a far easier way to recoup your funds. In fact, all you need is access to an iOS, Android, or Windows-powered smartphone, and you won’t even need to go through the trouble of calling your pal, Vito.

Though, when it comes to money-transfer apps, there’s no doubt that there’s wide-reaching skepticism about security. It’s apparent the globe has no shortage of data and information breaches, so it’s incredibly easy to understand this fear. To help ease some of your doubts, and weed out potential frauds, we’ve found the absolute best ways to send and receive money via a smartphone. So no matter if you need to split a dinner tab, or have finally gotten around to paying your fantasy football dues, here are the ten best applications for settling your debts.

Google Wallet

Like a digital wallet in the palm of your hand, Google Wallet makes it easy to send and request money from friends within the U.S. You can use your fingerprint sensor to access the app. Google Wallet has a a minimal and easy-to-understand user interface, and money is transferred into the bank instantly.


Venmo before Venmo existed, PayPal is one of the oldest money transfer applications available. Though receiving and sending funds takes a while longer, PayPal does offer the ability to use it to pay for purchases at various establishments.

Square Cash

With just a simple link to your debit card, Square Cash allows you to quickly send, receive, or request money from friends and family. Perhaps its most useful feature is how quick money deposits into your bank account once a transaction is complete.

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