Earn Money with your Phone: Mobile Apps that Pay

Today, we all have gadgets and use them every day. But few people know that a smartphone can be turned into not only a means of communication, single women dating and entertainment, it can also become a device for monetization. Of course, you shouldn’t count on large incomes. But as a way to make money on your phone or pay for other small expenses, this is a very good offer. This doesn’t take much time and effort. It is necessary to install applications and if there is free time, complete the tasks that this application provides at any time of the day.

1. Earny

The application tracks discounts in online stores and returns the variance to customers. When registering, users indicate their email address and credit card information. Earny tracks all purchases made by the user and compares prices. When the service detects a discount in the store, it automatically sends an application for the return of the variance and transfers it to the buyer. The application is familiar with the refund policy of all stores with which it works and is able to fill out and send the corresponding application without the participation of the smartphone owner. The service charges a fee of 25%. Earny works with more than 50 online stores in the USA – including Amazon, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and so on.

2. CashPirate

This is an application for generating income on an Android device. German studio ayeT-Studios GmbH is a developer of the app. Here you can earn money by downloading programs and watching videos. The currency is Coins. 1000 Coins is 1 US dollar. To start making money, you need to click “Earn Coins”. There will be four tabs: Pirate Picks – this is the section with the main tasks. SponsorPay – sponsorship offers for earnings. TrialPay – is an interesting section. Here they offer to play games for money. AdColony – you have to watch fixed value commercials in 2 Coins..

3. Acorns

It allows users to invest ultra-small amounts of money (from a few tens of cents) in the shares of companies that the application chooses independently.

4. Robinhood

Even the person who has never dealt with exchange trading can earn money in the Robinhood mobile app, which received an Apple award for the best design. The user goes through an orientation tour in less than a minute and then can invest. Based on a small questionnaire, Robinhood compiles a personalized stock portfolio. To do this, the user answers questions about acceptable risks, the number of investments and the industries of interest to him or her.

5. InboxDollars

This is a reliable app that has been steadily paying millions of users for over 18 years! For a long time, InboxDollars was available for earnings only to residents of the United States. But all the people of the globe also got this opportunity not so long ago. Here, both advertisers and publishers working with InboxDollars advertising their services and products, offer users to perform various tasks and, thereby, earn money. InboxDollars offers you many different easy ways to make money.

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