Best Smartphone Apps That Pay You Money

Many are interested in making money online but not everyone knows that it is just as easy as going to the store. In this article, we have popular applications for making money with the help of your mobile phone (Android or iOS). Most likely, you will find something good for yourself.

1. Bitwalking

Do you walk around the city a lot and want to make money on it? Then this program is for you! One of the most popular developers called Bitwalking recently released an application with the same name, which is compatible with mobile devices, which operating system is based on Android. The peculiarity of the application is that it allows you to earn on the number of steps that you take per day. The price for one step is absolutely the same for all participants. Using the program, you can literally find out the price of your own step! The currency used in the game is slightly different from the money that we all use in everyday life. All financial transactions in Bitwalking are carried out using the online currency of their own production, which can then be cashed.

2. Slidejoy

A modern smartphone has long ceased to be just a tool for communication. Slidejoy is an application for earning money by watching ads on the smartphone’s lock screen. In simple words, this application replaces the screen saver on the lock screen with ads. In return, you receive a reward in the form of the internal currency “carats”. Later, they can be withdrawn to a real online wallet, mobile phone or exchanged for gift certificates on, Google Play, Starbucks, etc.

3. Foap

It is a mobile application with which you can sell your photos on the Internet. Famous world brands such as Coca Cola, Nivea, Pepsi, and so on can be buyers of your photos. You upload the photo to the application on your phone. The photo enters the Foap market and will be available for sale. Another way to make money is Foap missions. Companies provide descriptions of the photos they need. If they select your photo, they will pay you.

4. Google Opinion Rewards

This is a reward tool from Google for reviews and recommendations for improving the services offered. As a reward, there are small loan amounts on Google Play that allow you to use paid content at a discount. Firstly, after downloading this tool, you will have to answer several basic questions about yourself. Google uses this information when submitting suitable questionnaires. Depending on the responses sent, the application may send questionnaires every day or week.

5. Storm Play (formerly BitMaker)

Bitcoin and Ethereum are perhaps the most famous cryptocurrencies to date. In such a situation, it is foolish not to pay attention to the possibility of getting a bit of bitcoin. Plus, after the last update, a fast-growing cryptocurrency called Storm was added, approximately equal to $0.15. You can download it only from the Google Play store. Reviews in the store are mostly positive, which is confirmed by an estimate of 4.1 points out of 5 and more than 1 million downloads.

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