4 Smart Apps to Manage Your Finance

It isn’t the time for you to wait for your financial planner to help you manage your earnings. There are many mobile apps to do this job for you instantly. No waiting period required; just enter the details and leave the app to do the rest of the job. It helps you to make your bill payment, where you’re exceeding your monthly expenses, where you’ll have to transfer, etc. The smart apps can help you spend smart, thereby saving money for future use.

Managing financial goals may seem tough sometimes; between loans, savings, checking, investments and retirements, it’s easy to get lost on track and face debt. Mobiles are excellent tools to handle your finances from a convenient location. Whether you’re filing taxes, managing your credit, or paying your bills, the below mentioned apps take the hold of all aspects of finance.

Keep a balanced budget, track your expenses with these apps and have a relaxed sleep henceforth. Ready, set and download!


This is the best example of how an app can compliment a great web service; though it’s available free of cost, it doesn’t lose its functionality. Visit the company’s website that has already attracted 3million users since its launch in 2007. It stores login details for your accounts, but doesn’t disclose anywhere. A very safe app to be used on daily basis! It aggregates the imported accounts, delivering it in a single, understandable interface. Reporting and budget tools lets you keep a firm grip on your finance, no matter where you’re. If you think that all your accounts-related data is unsafe here, then you’re absolutely wrong. It is very secured service, owned by Intuit; it saves all your details, sends you email or SMS alerts, when you have to pay your bills. It will remind you about dues when your credit card rates will be changed, for example.

Also available on web, it gives you a rough idea of how much money you can spend in precise categories. Though it’s overwhelming to use this app for the first time, it’s very easy to understand on the go. If you want to keep yourself more disciplined about your finance, download this app with no delay. You can set weekly, monthly or daily spending goals. It also works with Android smart watches, so that you can see everyday spending on your wrist. Doesn’t it sound interesting? More surprising elements are in the store- install it to enjoy the moments.


PageOnce is yet another great overall finance management platform available on smartphones. It keeps corral of all your bill payments in one place; users can log into different accounts for credit cards, loans, cable subscriptions, and other utilities. Users can also cross check when’s next due. Reminders will be set for next bill payment and to ease your job, the app has in-built calendar that marks your bill’s due dates.


As the name suggests, this app helps you manage your money wisely. Though the interface looks quite old, it uses up-to-date technology to help users understand the financial standing. The main purpose here is to keep track of finances. One interesting feature added here is the �?Graph’ section that lets you to mark one set of figures against another. You can choose the records that you want to compare. Looking for a serious app that can help you manage your project in an informative and detailed way? Then, Money-Wise is the smarter choice.


Do you travel often? Are you finding it extremely hard to manage your expenses, because most of your time goes in planning for business meet-ups? This app is especially made for business travelers, who can keep track of receipts, mileage and other expenses when they travel. It takes all the information and puts it in one folder; it organizes your expenses as set by you, and also synchronizes debit and credit cards, generating electronic receipts for purchases made below a set amount.

Global recession might have surpassed, but analysts still feel the pinch; don’t you think that your expense dominates your income. Categorize your daily purchases by downloading these right finance and money management apps that help you towards savings plans.

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